During our cleaning process, the contents of your pillow are removed for processing in a machine that resembles an industrial dryer. It fluffs and tumbles the down and feathers, rejuvenating them under anti-bacterial, anti-microbial light that silently kills bacteria, microbes, dust mites, etc. that have made their way into your pillow. The machine’s blowers tumble these nasties out through filters and fluff the clean fill into a new cotton cover. The refreshed pillow is then weighed and new responsibly-sourced down and feathers added, if needed, to attain its original density.

Our equipment is rated 99.9% effective in eliminating germs, bacteria and microbes. Independent laboratory testing of our pillows found a reduction of infected bacteria of 96%-99%.

You may have you pillow cleaned as many times as desired. The first cleaning is free, and you will always receive preferable rates as a charter customer.

Washing and drying in a conventional machine literally kills your pillow

Down and feathers are not cleaned effectively in a washing machine, nor are they dried properly in a machine drier or on the line. Getting a pillow wet and not drying the fill thoroughly and properly can breed mold and mildew which poses a health hazard to sleep on and causes the fill material to break down and degrade, causing a pillow to need premature replacement.